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Archery Bow O Rings

Archery Bows To Contain Barnwell Nitrile (NBR) O Rings

M Barnwell Services, the UK’s number one distributor, manufacturer, and stockist of fluid seal products, has announced a partnership that will see Barnwell Nitrile (NBR) O Rings to feature on Archery Bows.

M Barnwell Services has already secured long-term contracts with other Olympic sports, including Shooting, but this partnership will see the supply of O Rings to feature on performance Archery Bows.


Benefits of a Nitrile O Ring

With a General temperature range of -25 ~ 100 ℃, Nitrile rubber is one of the most commonly used rubber for O Rings.

Advantages of Nitrile O Rings:

  • Good compression distortion, wear, and elongation strength
  • Good resistance to oil, water, solvent resistance and high voltage characteristics of the oil
  • Generally better value material

Disadvantages of Nitrile O Rings

  • Not suitable for polar solvents being, such as ketones, ozone, nitro hydrocarbons, MEK and chloroform

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