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ARMCO® Iron Gaskets

Armco® Iron Gaskets – Commercial quality soft iron

Armco® Iron Gaskets are manufactured to suit a variety of applications and conform to industry standards.

Manufactured from extremely soft pure iron Armco® Iron Gaskets are used in high-temperature steam and vaporized oil applications.

Armco Iron Gaskets

Two types of Armco® Iron Gaskets:

  • Armco® Pure Iron – The purest steel mill iron ever produced with a purity of over 99.85% Fe. It presents an excellent cold working characteristic, excellent weldability, electrical and magnetic properties. It also has better resistance to corrosion, chemical attack, and oxidation.
  • Armco® Telar 57 – Non-ageing form of Armco® Pure Iron with a view to fulfil the particular needs of the electrical industry.  It offers a low coercive force, high magnetic flux density and excellent resistance to magnetic ageing consequences.

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E & OE.


To suit your requirements

Temperature Range

between +25°C and +1,000°C (thermal diffusity)
between -252°C and +1,000°C (electrical resistivity)

Shore Hardness

Soft Iron 90 Brinell max

Manufacturing Capabilities

Include Die Cut Gaskets (Press and High-Speed Cut), Laser Cut