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What is the difference between Teflon and PTFE?

Teflon vs PTFE

Teflon™ vs PTFE The sealing industry is full of trade names, technical phrases, and acronyms, which makes it hard to know what is what. In this learning journal, we will explain what Teflon™ and PTFE are, and also the differences. PTFE – what is it? PTFE is a carbon and fluorine synthetic polymer – Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is obtained from Tetrafluoroethylene […]

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Profile Seal DIN3869 Advantages & Features

Everything you need to know about Profile Seals DIN3869 Axially static soft seals combined with threaded elements are generally called Profile Seals (DIN3869 Seals or Fluid Connector Seals). They are often used as an alternative to an O Ring/Back-up Ring combination. How do they provide effective sealing? Profile Ring’s purpose is to stop the medium from leakage, at the same […]

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Rubber Compound – what is it?

what is rubber compound

What is a Rubber Compound? There is a misunderstanding that an elastomer compound is made out of one ingredient and that it is the same for every different type of polymer. The fact is that a rubber compound can be a combination of 3 to 15 various elements and thousands of different formations. Standard elastomer composition based on parts per […]

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What’s the difference between WRC and WRAS?

The below information will help explain those approvals and their differences. 1. What do WRAS and WRC stand for? WRAS – Water Regulations Advisory Scheme WRC – Water Research Council 2. What are the differences between those two approvals? There are no differences. The approval was called WRC, but then renamed to WRAS. 3. Where do the regulations apply? The […]

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ISO3601-5: Suitability of elastomeric materials for industrial applications ISO3601-5 specifies the appropriateness of various rubber materials which may be used for the production of O Rings intended for use in industrial applications. ISO3601-5 also specifies the capability of the materials to fulfil many of the demands related to fluid power elements and systems. This includes fluid compatibility and temperatures. The […]

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ISO3601-4: Anti-extrusion rings (back-up rings) ISO3601-4 defines tolerances and dimensions for five types of back-up rings (anti-extrusion rings): (T1) – Spiral Type (T2) – Angle Cut Type (T3) – Solid Type (T4) – Angle Cut Concave Type (T5) – Solid Concave Type These back-up rings are used with chosen O Ring sizes as defined in ISO3601-1 and the applicable housing […]

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British Touring Car Championship Competition

Bondloc Special Offers – Prize Draw Competition We have teamed up with Ciceley Motorsport sponsor Bondloc to give away three fantastic prizes. To WIN, buy any Bondloc Special Offer or spend over £100 on Bondloc products and you will be entered into a prize draw.* PRIZE 1 – 2x VIP Tickets (Includes VIP Hospitality, Grid walk, Access to garage, Team […]

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Importance of O Ring Lubrication

o ring lubrication

Why is O Ring lubrication important? Why lubricate? All kinds of lubrication, including oils, greases, water and air are used to reduce wear by minimising heating and friction of moving elements. Any substance that accomplishes this, can be called a lubricant. Types of lubricants Lubricants help reduce friction in the application. These lubricants can be: Semi-Permanent Lubricant Coatings There are […]

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How to measure an O Ring?

How to measure an O Ring

O Ring measuring techniques O Rings are round mechanical devices that prevent liquid or gas from leaking through an opening. As time passes, these elastomers may wear out and need to be replaced. A good fit is critical when planning to replace an O Ring. Measuring an O Ring is relatively easy – 3 measurements need to be taken – […]

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Winners of Easter Competition 2019

Easter Competition Winners

Easter Letter Hunt Competition 2019 WINNERS We would like to say BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our free-to-enter Easter competition! Our very special CONGRATULATIONS go to 3 lucky winners: Emily Deason (Eastbourne) – Winner of the Cadbury Ultimate Easter Basket Andrew Whittaker (Tamworth) – Winner of the Cadbury Sharing Hamper Hayley Ball (Blackburn) – Winner of the […]

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