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What is Rubber Shrinkage?

What you need to know about Rubber Shrinkage The calculation of O Ring squeeze is one of the main elements to take into consideration when designing a seal for a particular application. This is because the amount of O Ring by the media can have an impact on the design, material selection, and other important features. O Ring Squeeze – […]

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What is the difference between Teflon and PTFE?

Teflon vs PTFE

Teflon™ vs PTFE The sealing industry is full of trade names, technical phrases, and acronyms, which makes it hard to know what is what. In this learning journal, we will explain what Teflon™ and PTFE are, and also the differences. PTFE – what is it? PTFE is a carbon and fluorine synthetic polymer – Polytetrafluoroethylene. It is obtained from Tetrafluoroethylene […]

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Profile Seal DIN3869 Advantages & Features

Everything you need to know about Profile Seals DIN3869 Axially static soft seals combined with threaded elements are generally called Profile Seals (DIN3869 Seals or Fluid Connector Seals). They are often used as an alternative to an O Ring/Back-up Ring combination. How do they provide effective sealing? Profile Ring’s purpose is to stop the medium from leakage, at the same […]

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British Touring Car Championship Competition

Bondloc Special Offers – Prize Draw Competition We have teamed up with Ciceley Motorsport sponsor Bondloc to give away three fantastic prizes. To WIN, buy any Bondloc Special Offer or spend over £100 on Bondloc products and you will be entered into a prize draw.* PRIZE 1 – 2x VIP Tickets (Includes VIP Hospitality, Grid walk, Access to garage, Team […]

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Importance of O Ring Lubrication

o ring lubrication

Why is O Ring lubrication important? Why lubricate? All kinds of lubrication, including oils, greases, water and air are used to reduce wear by minimising heating and friction of moving elements. Any substance that accomplishes this, can be called a lubricant. Types of lubricants Lubricants help reduce friction in the application. These lubricants can be: Semi-Permanent Lubricant Coatings There are […]

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Bondloc Special Offers

Limited Time Bondloc Special Offers! VALID FROM: Tuesday 5th March TO: Friday 26th April From Tuesday 5th March we will have fantastic prices on quality Bondloc products, but be quick – Limited Stock. View the flyer here. Bondloc Products on offer include: B243 Threadlock – SAVE 50% MS58 Water Resistant Sealant – SAVE 8% B496 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive – SAVE 50% B3295 Structural […]

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Features of Mechanical Seals

Features of a Proper Mechanical Seal Features of Mechanical Seals – Mechanical seals come in an extensive number of structures. Particular designs vary in the method they are operated, the selection of subsidiary seals, and the positioning of the springs. Each mechanical seal has been designed to suit some standards in regards to installation, value, fit simplicity, and ability to […]

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Types of Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals Types Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals are moulded according to working temperature, cylinder speed, cylinder operating pressure, working application, and medium. They are usually non-metallic, quite soft rings placed in a housing, or arranged in a mixture of rings creating a sealing unit. This is to separate or block liquid in applications that involve reciprocating motion. Hydraulic seals are […]

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Gasket Installation Guide

Gasket Installation – Best Practices The performance of a gasket relies on a number of elements, including: Component being sealed Flange design Type and quality of the material How the gasket is installed and tightened onto the flanges The volume of pressure applied to the gasket by the bolts Sometimes, the most basic reason for leakage in bolted couplings is […]

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How does an O Ring work?

What is an O Ring and how does it work? O Ring Basics The O Ring is one of the most standard and easiest types of seal for dynamic and static installations. The design of the O Ring’s groove is fairly straightforward. A dependable and economical seal is acquired by following well-developed principles for groove geometry. The primary reason an […]

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