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How important is FEA Simulation in Gas & Oil

FEA Simulation in Gas & Oil What is FEA Simulation Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computer-based manipulation that evaluates how elastomer components are prone to function in real-life installations. This innovative method can ascertain how exposure to extreme temperatures and pressures and aggressive chemical circumstances can influence the components. Adequate use of FEA Simulation can eliminate the necessity for […]

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Elastomer Testing & Analysis

Elastomer Testing & Analysis Prior To Assembly / After Failure M Barnwell Services uses a specialist selection of independent Testing & Analysis consulting services when inspecting polymeric materials. Some key Elastomer Testing abilities include: Failure analysis Thermo-mechanical assessment Chemical compatibility Microscopy Explosive Decompression / Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD) The development consists of a broad scope of machinery committed to the […]

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Motor Sport Seals

M Barnwell Services Providing Motor Sports Seals & Solutions The motorsports industry demands high-quality parts, providing accuracy and the very highest tolerances for all their Motor Sports Seals.  Our customers in Motor Sport frequently test our ability to respond to often complex requirements, with extremely tight deadlines. Motor Sports engineers are conscious that the changing FIA regulations require the companies […]

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The Sun Never Sets On A Barnwell Seal

Barnwell Seal

A Barnwell Seal Is Never In The Dark… The sun really doesn’t set on a Barnwell Seal. From Alaska to New Zealand, from Lapland to Brazil, M Barnwell Services provides fluid sealing solutions to over 60 countries. Our dedicated Export Service can provide you with: Vast UK Stocks Full manufacturer guarantees Full documentation service Expert technical advice and sample service […]

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