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Kitting, Assembly & Sub-Assembly

Let M Barnwell Services, experts at Kitting, Assembly, and Sub-Assembly, take the time-consuming and expensive process of building kits out of your production process.

With a dedicated facility at our HQ in Birmingham, we offer versatile and economical kitting services to endorse your processes. Products are assembled, packed, boxed, and branded in accordance with the corporate guidelines of your company. These manufacturing processes are extensively used by a wide range of customers, large and small, across a variety of industries.

Kitting, Assembly, and Sub-Assembly manufacturing processes are very much alike and bring some huge advantages to prosperous supply chain management solutions. The advantages include flexibility, consistency, efficiency, cost and time savings, and quality.



A ‘product grouping’, is a service that integrates individual different but related items into a durable, compact box or bag, ready for either emergency or routine maintenance. Until assembled by the end-user, the individual components in kits frequently stay separate. Specified kits or boxes enhance your stock without sustaining further warehousing expenses.


Two or more items are combined together to create a sole part and packaged as a single end product ready for integration into the manufacturing process. As a result, it allows customers to reduce their time and bill of materials (BOM) as they only purchase one complete component.


Partially assembled components that will be fitted into a larger assembly or assortment of products. It reduces the time and resources required to undertake this task at a production line, consequently enabling customers to focus on their core activities.


If you are looking to have your kits branded in line with your company brand image (example below), please see our Bespoke Kit Branding and Packaging service page.


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