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Compression Packing

Compression Packing – Products By Garlock®

For more than 50 years, M Barnwell Services has offered Garlock® Compression Packing products to companies worldwide. As one of the UK’s biggest independent fluid seal stockists and distributors, our customers can trust that they’ll receive the right product for their needs.

Garlock’s® Compression Packing products are tailored to your precise requirements, whether for Refineries, Power Generation, or Chemical Processing Facilities. You’ll experience exceptional ROI, and equally important, Garlock® products adhere to rigorous fugitive emission standards. This provides enhanced protection against accidents, penalties, and downtime.

Our proficient team manages the entire production process, from prototyping and testing to final part manufacturing. Additionally, we offer specialised certification upon request.

If you would like more information about our range, download our catalogue, or contact a team member.

Compression Packing From Garlock

Valve Stem Compression Packing Sets

Garlock® Valve Stem Compression Packing ensures both low emissions and optimal performance, maintaining safety and reliability. The cup and cone Valve Stem Packing surpasses traditional flat ring sets, providing improved seal optimisation and low stem friction under the same Gland Load Pressure, thanks to advanced engineering like high-density concave and convex adaptor rings, and low-density GARPH-LOCK® center rings.

For low emissions service and extended lifespan in low stuffing boxes, the 9001 QUICKSET LE – Low Emissions Packing Set is a top choice. The 9000 EVSP LE Packing Sets effectively lower volatile organic compounds, enhancing air quality. These options are particularly suitable for older or worn valves.

Garlock’s® Spool Stock and Rings Sets enhance safety and performance while reducing costs. The Style 1303-FEP combines low emissions performance and convenience, offering heat, pressure, and chemical resistance.

The 212-ULE (ultra-Low Emissions) Valve Stem Spool Packing provides fire safety and chemical resistance along with a dispenser box and colour-coded instructions, streamlining inventory management and outage planning.

Valve Stem Compression Packing

Carbon Packing

Garlock® offers a selection of Premium Carbon Packing known for exceptional performance, durability, and versatility. Styles 98 and 5000 are designed to deliver maximum value by minimising leakage, ensuring extended service life, and maintaining reliability.

Carbon Packing

Graphite Packing

Garlock’s® Graphite Packing excels in performance and maintains high fiber purity, suitable for applications involving extreme temperatures and pressures. It boasts excellent chemical resistance and thermal conductivity.

Garlock’s® Style 1333-G Graphite Packing is a premium option, ideal for valve applications requiring anti-extrusion resistance and rotary services.

For reduced friction, Garlock® offers Style G-200 Graphite Packing, a high-quality graphite filament packing.

Graphite Packing

Rotary/Pump Equipment Packing

M Barnwell Services offers a selection of Garlock® Rotary/Pump Equipment Packing designed for pumps, mixers, boilers, and agitators. This proven range is aimed at optimising reliability and return on investment. It’s a superior alternative to mechanical seals in pump applications, leading to substantial energy and water savings.

Key offerings in the Specialist Rotary/Pump Equipment range include:

  • Food Grade Packing
  • Flush Water Products
  • General Service Equipment
  • Water/Energy Packing
  • Speciality Service Packing
  • Chemical Resistance Packing

Rotary Pump Equipment Packing

Soot Blower Packing: Tornado Pack

Garlock’s® Soot Blower Sets ensure exceptional reliability, performance, and safety. Crafted from INCONEL®, they boast extended service life and the ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures.

The F1, F-3, and F-5 Tornado Pack Soot Blower Packing Sets are tailored for straightforward installation within soot blowers.

Soot Blower Packing

PTFE Compression Packing and Joint Sealant Tape

Garlock’s® PTFE Compression Packing and PTFE Joint Sealant Tape are widely utilised in various mixer and pump applications.

The Style 5100, a 100% GFO™ variant, offers an extended lifespan and water efficiency in rotating equipment.


PTFE PackingPTFE Joint Sealant Tape

Every Garlock® product we offer comes with leading application engineering support, training, and comprehensive testing.

For more information about our range of Garlock’s® Compression Packings please contact a member of the team.

A video containing information on Garlock’s® Compression Packing Range can be view here. In addition we also offer specialist Tanker Lid Seals / Inspection Hatch Seals.

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