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EGR Valve Gaskets

EGR Valve Gaskets for the Automotive industry

M Barnwell Services is a leading distributor of Automotive Seals including EGR Valve Gaskets. We stock and supply a wide selection of sealing solutions for cars, buses, motorcycles and many more.

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Designed using the highest quality materials the range of EGR Gaskets are resistant to high temperature and pressure.

EGR valve gaskets     EGR valve gaskets     EGR valve gaskets     EGR valve gaskets

What does an EGR Gasket do?

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), recirculates a portion of exhaust gas (between 5% – 15%) back to the engine intake system (engine cylinders) for another combustion. This controls pollutants in the exhaust. Modern cars (diesel and petrol) use this technique to decrease the production of harmful gasses – oxides of nitrogen (often referred to as NOx) and keep the vehicle within legal pollution limits.

The recirculated exhaust gasses lower the temperature of combustion as the oxides of nitrogen are created at high pressures and temperatures (in excess of 2,500°F).

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E & OE.


Ethylene Acrylate Rubber (AEM), Fluoroelastomer (Viton® FKM/FPM), high temperature, metal reinforced, core flexible graphite

Temperature Range

Viton® - between -20°C and +205°C (approx)
AEM – between -30°C and +150°C (approx)


Dependant on vehicle manufacturer