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Stemco Wheel End Seals

Wheel-End Products from Stemco®

M Barnwell Services offer OE quality, premium wheel-end seals from the leading manufacturer – Stemco®. With Stemco’s 60 years’ reliable service, they have engineered a broad range of sealing products for each fleet to maximise quality, efficiency, and value. Their vast selection of hub oil seals, hubodometers, and other Bus, Truck & Trailer wheel-end products provide exceptional and long life sealing qualities.

Stemco®Wheel End Seals

Stemco® Wheel End Seals range include:


Technologically Advanced Sealing Solutions. Stemco® Wheel End Seals’ durability, outstanding performance, and user-friendly design make them a complete solution for the most demanding applications.

  • Eliminate yoke wear and leak paths – the sealing lips are closed in a way that avoids the surface of the yoke from contacting the lip.
  • Reduce contamination – contamination ingress is avoided by a labyrinth path with multiple dust lips, consequently prolonging seals’ life.
  • Simple installation – a one-piece, unitised design assembled in a single step using the suitable tool and yoke bolt to assemble the press-fit outer diameter.
  • No need for repair sleeves – repair sleeves (which frequently change the angle of a seal-lip during assembly causing premature failure) are not required due to the unitized design which contains a wear ring to offer a perfect running surface for the sealing lip.
  • Prolong life – high-performance Nitrile (NBR) elastomer on the main sealing lip resists the constant high temperature.


Unitised Design, Unwavering Performance. Featuring a premium grade temperature-resistant material and multi-labyrinth sealing for the applications where durability plays the main role

  • Prolong seal durability – the high-grade sealing material is surrounded by a four-zone labyrinth which ensures unparalleled performance and elimination of contamination.
  • Strong locking – anti-rotation attribute provides correct placement and securing of the seal to the axle.
  • Easy removal – bonded, ribbed rubber OD and ID for an effortless removal without the need to use any special tools.
  • Easy installation – guided access enables an easy installation. The seal’s internal geometries are maintained by the toothed double-wall steel case, which acts as an impact point for the tool head.


Revolutionary Hub-Installed, Unitised Seal. Designed for local route trucks, coach, city traffic, and everyday stop-and-go traffic environments. With a rugged design proven performance, and simple installation, Voyager® is a perfect choice.

  • No installation damage – thick wall steel structure enables correct hub installation without seal bending or deforming.
  • Reduce contamination – airborne and waterborne contaminants are eliminated by a four-zone labyrinth system.
  • Maximise certainty – the temperature-resistant polymer with hydrodynamic pumping maintains the lubricant in position.
  • Simple removal – bonded rubber ID and OD enable simpler removal whilst anti-rotation qualities secure the ID surface in position.
  • Oustanding sealing qualities – ribber elastomer OD shapes an outstanding seal between the seal case and the hub bore without any further sealant necessary.
  • Quick and simple installation – guided access and bonded elastomer OD enable an easy installation.


Heavy-Duty Trailer Industry Seal of Choice. Guardian® HP compiles the best characteristics for resisting heat generation and contamination ingress.

  • Mechanically cutting-edge seal – Guardian® HP has been engineered for greater sealing and extra protection due to its high-performance sealing lip and outstanding exclusion of contamination. The elastomer OD enables faster hub cleaning with less wear damage to the hub.
  • Easy installation – installation directly on the axle guarantees correct alignment. Error-free installation due to no tool impact, easy to remove, and service.
  • OEM Standard Trailer and Axle Seal – improved seal features provide enhanced cost-per-mile performance on top of a simple, one-step axle installation.


Exceptional Sealing in Extreme Applications. Designed for superior performance, endurance, and contaminant elimination in extreme applications. Grit Guard® hub seal presents a two-piece design that minimizes maintenance and unnecessary wear on costly spindles.

  • Extreme-service efficiency – Grit Guard® hub seals are engineered for rugged, extreme-duty applications which are too advanced and harsh for other seals.
  • Spindle-mounted deflector ring – ensures new surface for seal lip, makes up for damaged or worn spindles.
  • Dust shield – built into deflector ring, it forms a further tier of exclusion of contamination and dirt/dust.
  • Metal case seal – offers metal-to-metal press-fit between seal and hub, superior stability.
  • Rubber leather sealing lip – turns on deflector ring for superior heat dissipation. It keeps its elasticity and durability in the most exhaustive conditions.
  • Blue bore sealant – stops slight leakage between the seal and hub.

Stemco®Wheel End Seals

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