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Chocolate and Caramel Processing

"Saving costs and critical processes..."

the challenge

A large global confectionery group that produces leading branded consumer chocolate products encountered ongoing issues with butterfly valves for the critical processes. The valves were failing prematurely and the lead-time to obtain replacement components was very distant.

Moreover, the customer was experiencing problems with their hygienic connections throughout the processes. Superior and more efficient material was required to provide an effective seal, simultaneously resisting the aggressive cleaning media and processes.

Processing chocolate and cocoa can be very demanding and critical due to the oil released after cracking cocoa beans. It could cause issues for the majority of traditional sealing materials. Besides, the process media is very abrasive in several areas of the application and presents even more issues for the seals and media components.

the solution

Taking all aspects and concerns under consideration, and undertaking a thorough assessment of both applications, it was agreed that the best solution was to provide a customer with samples and organise trials. The customer worked very closely with our team to organise trials for both GAR-SEAL PTFE Butterfly Valve (DN 80-150) and GYLON BIO-ASEPT® seals for hygienic connectors.

the result

The trial proved to be very successful with no failures and no unanticipated downtime. Recommended products have now been introduced throughout the processes due to their superior performance, compliance with required industry standards (FDA and EN1935), and extended lifetime. Our short lead-time, key focus on process efficiency and reliability, and support from our team means that the customer is now able to order products when required. This reduces the need for further inventory and eliminates associated costs.