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Food-Grade Expansion Joints

"Not a single failure in the last 2 years since implementing M Barnwell Services' solution"

the challenge

A major potato processing company implemented Rubber Expansion Joints to absorb vibration and movement between pipes and equipment, which are subject to severe mechanical stress. An audit following an undetected failure from their largest customer highlighted a serious non-compliance with the use of non-food grade materials in the Expansion Joints.
This required immediate corrective action. Due to the urgency of the situation, any proposed solution had to meet the required standard and have a full package of documentation ready to satisfy the audit and quality control requirements.

the solution

Working in collaboration with an end-user, we proposed the use of both horizontal and vertical applications. The filled-arch design provided the required degree of movement, avoiding the risk of process media becoming entrapped within the arches of the joint. We also provided statements of compliance for product contact materials.

the result

In the 2 years since implementing our solution, not a single failure has occurred and the company successfully maintains its contract with their biggest account.