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Food Industry Mixing Machines

"PS-SEAL® set exclusively in our specs!"

the challenge

The customer develops and manufactures machines for the food industry - food mixers, meat processing machines, temperature control machines, processing plants, cooking systems, and emulsifiers. Products are a mix of various high-quality ingredients/raw materials, therefore the technology has to be adapted to the respective product. For this, the customer can reach for a large portfolio of food mixers of various speeds, machine sizes, and mixing tools. Furthermore, this must be done in accordance with the latest state of the art and in keeping with the highest sanitary requirements in the industry.

the solution

The mixer seals needed to be able to withstand high speeds, temperature and the stickiness of some products. They are also required to be compliant with hygienic standards such as FDA and EC1935/2004.

the result

Because the customer always guarantees the highest quality for every particular machine element, we've teamed up with their specialist teams and together agreed the best solution for the previously mentioned technical industry demands for their mixing and processing machines.
PS-SEAL® single-lip in GYLON® Blue with a static sealing component GYLON® Blue fulfilled all demands and was integrated into their mixers.
GYLON® Blue characteristics, the particular design of the housing, and excellent resistance to the media strongly convinced the customer and they replaced all previous solutions from their product range with Garlock products.