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Steel Mill GRE Flange Gasket

"Gaskets provided outlasted all previous solutions, significantly reduced downtime"

the challenge

A steel mill required a gasket to assist in the sealing of GRE (glass reinforced proxy) flanges. GRE is non-metallic and lacks universal design criteria when it comes to gaskets, with the more fragile flanges not enabling high bolt loads to compress and seal the gasket. Rubber is the common solution for low-load applications but lacked the chemical resistance required for use with corrosive media in the pickling process.

the solution

We provided the steel mill with a gasket consisting of materials that are resistant to the pickling solution, with the patented surface features enabling the successful sealing of the GRE flanges.

the result

The gaskets we provided the steel mill with have outlasted any previous solution, significantly reducing downtime in the process.