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International O Ring Sizes

O Ring Sizes

An O Ring (also known as Toroidal Seal) is the most popular seal used globally nowadays. It is utilised to mould a physical barrier to stop the blending of liquid fluids or gasses. The O Ring’s straightforward toroidal configuration has proven to provide high sealing effectiveness over a broad scope of installations.

We distribute, stock and manufacture elastomer O Ring seals from a wide selection of material grades to the following standard O Ring seal sizes:

  • BS1806 – British Standard O Ring Sizes (imperial)
  • BS4518 – British Standard O Ring Sizes (metric) – REPLACED BY ISO3601 STANDARD
  • British Standard extended series 500-800 O Ring Sizes (imperial)
  • British Dowty O Ring Sizes
  • ISO3601 International Organisation for Standardisation (metric)
  • DIN3771 – German Standard O Ring Sizes (metric) – REPLACED BY ISO3601 STANDARD
  • JIS B 2401 (P, G and V) Japanese Standard O Ring Sizes
  • AS568 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Standard O Ring Sizes
  • Le Joint Francais ‘R’ O Ring Sizes (metric)

International O Ring Sizes

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