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ISO3601-2: Housing dimensions for general applications

ISO3601-2 defines the gland (housing) dimensions for class A O Rings for standard industrial installations compliant to ISO3601-1, also for gland (housing) dimensions for class B O Rings used in preferred metric-sized hardware such as piston rods.

Above mentioned O Rings are used in standard pneumatic and hydraulic installations with or without back-up rings (anti-extrusion rings). The size codes (SC) of the O Rings, dimensions (d1 & d2), and tolerances comply with ISO3601-1.

Typical O Ring configuration (identical to ISO3601-1)


Characteristics of grooves for dynamic piston and rod installations


Characteristics of grooves for static piston and rod installations

ISO3601-2 ISO3601-2

Click here to see the ISO3601 overview (Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5).

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