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Midstream sector of Gas & Oil industry

Midstream Oil & Gas

Midstream covers the preservation and freight of Oil and Gas. It is needed to bring together the Upstream and Downstream processes. Efficient sealing is critical in making midstream operations as efficient and safe as possible.

There is a number of different service suppliers involved in the Midstream division. From pipeline freight companies through to carriage, tankers, and railways. There are also trans-loading and logistics processes to take into consideration. All of them demand protection against the possible risks of raw or semi-processed manufactured gasses and liquids. M Barnwell Services can provide a range of elastomer sealing materials to protect the people involved and reduce product losses.

For Midstream gas & oil processes comprising remote pipelines, long lifespan and reliability are critical. Our range of chemical reluctant elastomers come with short manufacture lead-times and they not disappoint you.

Midstream Gas & Oil

Standard and custom-made elastomers for midstream machinery:

Reciprocating Compressors, Pig Launchers/Receivers, Centrifugal Compressors, Field Pipeline Gathering, Pipeline Connectors, Slug Catchers, Gas Turbines, Regenerators, Separators, Disposal Tanks, Valves, Pipeline Enclosures, Storage Tanks, Transportation Tanks, Heating Systems, and also Pumps.

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