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O Ring Cord

Metric and Imperial O Ring Cord

M Barnwell Services O Ring Cord has the profile of an O Ring and is supplied as an extruded rubber available by the meter.

A wide range of standard extruded Cord is available in various materials including, Nitrile (NBR), Viton® (FKM/FPM), Ethylene Propylene (EPDM), Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Neoprene (CR), Sponge (Closed and open Cell) and Silicone (VMQ). Other ‘special’ materials are available upon request.

Specialist Viton® (FKM) O Ring Cord

Composed of a fluorinated hydrocarbon, O Ring cords made from Viton® (FKM) are capable of withstanding diverse and demanding conditions.

FKM O Ring Cord

Benefits of using Viton® (FKM)

The unique properties of Viton® (FKM) make it perfect for use in the toughest of jobs.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduced downtime.
    – Viton® (FKM) reduces downtime, ensuring machinery operates more efficiently and continuously.
  • Extended lifespan of machinery.
    – The inherent durability of Viton® (FKM) extends the lifespan of machinery, decreasing the need for frequent replacements and associated costs.
  • Reduction in maintenance requirements.
    – With its robust properties, Viton® (FKM) significantly reduces maintenance requirements, streamlining operational processes and cutting costs.
  • Durability and reliability.
    – Viton® (FKM) is renowned for its durability and reliability, offering a dependable solution across various applications.
  • High-temperature applications (+250°C).
    – Excelling in high-temperature environments, Viton® (FKM) remains stable and effective even in challenging conditions, enduring temperatures up to +250°C.
  • Chemical resistance (Including Oils, Acids, Aromatic and Halogenated hydrocarbons).
    – Viton® (FKM) demonstrates exceptional resistance to a broad spectrum of chemicals, including oils, acids, aromatic compounds, and halogenated hydrocarbons. This chemical resilience ensures material integrity in diverse industrial settings.
  • Environmentally stable.
    – Viton® (FKM) maintains stability in various environmental conditions, ensuring consistent performance and reliability regardless of external factors.

You Are In Safe Hands

As a reliable partner to global OEM manufacturers, M Barnwell Services ensures quality products and an exceptional service experience. With £5.1 million in sealing inventory and five UK branches strategically positioned, we’re primed to meet and surpass your needs.

We also provide a selection of O Ring Splicing Kits for emergency O Ring production. If you would like more information, download our catalogue, or contact a member of the team.



The O Ring Cord will be supplied in metres length to any specification.

Standard sizes include: 1.6mm (1/16 inch), 1.78mm (0.070 inch), 2.0mm, 2.4mm (3/32 inch), 2.62mm (0.103inch), 3.0mm, 3.18mm (1/8 inch), 3.53mm (0.139 inch), 4.0mm (5/32 inch), 4.5mm,4.76mm (3/16 inch), 5.0mm, 5.33mm (0.210 inch), 5.7mm, 6.0mm, 6.35mm (1/4inch), 6.99mm (0.275 inch), 8.0mm (5/16 inch), 8.73mm (11/32 inch), 9.5mm (3/8inch), 10mm, 10.32mm (13/32 inch), 11.11mm (7/16 inch), 11.91mm (15/32 inch),12.7mm (1/2 inch).


Nitrile (NBR), Viton® (FKM/FPM), Ethylene Propylene (EPDM) and Silicone (VMQ).

O Ring Cord shore hardness - range from 70 Shore to 90 Shore.


O Ring Cord Metric and Imperial Kits, Splicing Kits & Top-up Bags are available

Bespoke O Ring Cord Kits and selection Boxes are also available

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