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Silicone O Rings (VMQ)

Silicone O Rings (VMQ) – Available From UK Stock

M Barnwell Services carries an extensive inventory (50+ million units) of O Rings and Back-Up Rings, including regular distribution of Silicone O Rings (VMQ) to 500+ clients.

Our Silicone (VMQ) seals encompass a broad temperature spectrum and showcase exceptional resistance to ozone, weathering, and aging. They also possess favorable insulating and neutral properties.

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Swift and cost-efficient O-Ring production is available using our stock materials, with the option to extrude custom sections in unique materials, colours, sizes, or hardnesses as needed.

For applications where joining is unsuitable, O-Rings can be molded with a minor tooling cost.

We keep cords in stock, convertible into O-Rings with the following material variations:

  • Wide temperature range options.
  • Shore hardness spanning 40-70° shore A.
  • Metal-detectable variants are favoured in the Food and Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Fluorosilicone type, boasting heightened resistance to fuels and volatile liquids.
  • Sponge grades, including FDA-approved sponges.

Silicone O Ring (VMQ) Benefits

  • Available in a multitude of sizes and hardness levels.
  • Both sponge and solid options.
  • A choice between joined or molded versions.
  • Outstanding resilience against weathering, ozone, and UV exposure.

Silicone O Ring (VMQ) Limitations

While Silicone rubber may exhibit comparatively lower tensile strength and weaker tear and wear resistance than other elastomers, it boasts notable cold flexibility (-60°C to +250°C) and can endure water up to 100°C. This renders it particularly suitable for Food and Beverage, Brewing and Bottling, and Pharmaceutical sectors.

Regarding chemical resistance, Silicone fares well with engine/transmission oil, animal/vegetable oil, non-petroleum brake fluids, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, and some chlorinated hydrocarbons, as well as moderate water resistance and diluted salt solutions.

However, we advise that Silicone is ill-suited for applications involving superheated steam (>121°C), acids/alkalis, certain chlorinated hydrocarbons, mineral oil, hydrocarbon fuels, and aromatic hydrocarbons.

Application Examples

  • Seals and Gaskets.
  • Cryogenic applications.
  • Pumps, connectors, and valves.

For further material insights about Silicone O Rings and VMQ O Rings explore our Material Properties page. Alongside O Rings, we also stock a range of Silicone Cords and Silicone Gaskets.

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No limitation to dimensions with over 10,000 different sizes available from stock. Bag or selection box upon request


Silicone (VMQ)


O-Ring Metric and Imperial Kits, Selection Boxes, Splicing Kits & Top-up Bags are available

Bespoke O Ring Kits and selection Boxes are also available

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