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Stainless Steel Circlips

Quality Stainless Steel Circlips Available From UK Stock

M Barnwell Services is one of the UK’s largest independent stockist and distributor of Internal and External Stainless Steel Circlips, Crescent Rings, Retaining Rings and Fasteners.

We understand that applications can require a Circlip material that is superior to the standard carbon spring steel (CS). Stainless steel is an excellent alternative as it does not easily rust, corrode or stain with water like uncoated carbon steel, and still retains its strength. These qualities make it an invaluable product to industries such as Offshore Drilling, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, and Petrochemical.


The benefits of an M Barnwell Services Stainless Steel Circlip:

  • High resistance to corrosion
    Stainless Steel performs excellently when the application is exposed to highly corrosive environments such as seawater
  • Intense heat resistance
    If the application is exposed to intense heat, Stainless Steel has increased resistance to damage, deformity, and also has a higher melting threshold
  • Aesthetics
    The reflective quality of Stainless Steel will help it blend into the application. Our Stainless Steel Circlips are easy to clean and do not fade or discolour over time
  • High stock levels
    5mm to 130mm, available in Grade 420
  • Packing and bagging service
    M Barnwell Services also offers a bespoke kit labelling service. Visit the Kit Branding and Packaging page for more information.

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Specialist Constant and Tapered Section Retaining Rings:

An extra strength corrosion-resistant steel with a host of advantages, including:

  • Preventing atmospheric oxidation at temperatures up to 450°C
  • Minimal distortion due to unique heat-treating process
  • Minimum of 225,000 psi for high ultimate tensile strength
  • High creep strength

Quality Spiral Retaining Rings:

A high strength corrosion-resistant steel with a number of benefits, including:

  • Good workability
  • Easy Hardening
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties

Corrosive Resistant Wave Springs:

This is used for high stress and fatigue applications. It is able to withstand significantly higher temperatures without losing spring qualities, with a higher corrosion resistance than SAE 1070-1090.

If you would like more information about our range contact a member of the team.

E & OE.  M Barnwell Services endeavour to make sure that all content is correct. The information has been gathered from manufacturing partners.


Full range of sizes available from stock.

Inch and Metric dimensions can be supplied from very small 1.5mm to very large diameter


Internal (Bore Application); External / Shaft Application; Open Gap Rings (Internal Application); Closed Gap Rings (External Application) ;

Classic Circlips/Retaining Rings, Inverted Circlips, Grip Rings, E Rings, Dished L Rings, Snap rings DIN5417, Support Washers DIN988, Push on Fix Clips, Spring Clips, Bowed W Rings, Shims DIN988, K Type Rings, Crescent Rings, Spring Clips, Round Wire Rings, Square Wire Rings, Heavy Duty Circlips Reinforced Design, Toothed Clips, Lock Rings, Bevelled Circlips,

Circlips - Internal (1300, 1301,1302,1305, 1308, 1360, 2000, DIN472) and External (1400, 1401,1402, 1408,1440, 460,1465, 2100, DIN472), Retaining rings, E-clips (1500,1500C, 1500S, 1500U, 1540, 1800), Wire rings - Internal (1700, 2300, 2500) and External (0500, 0600, 0700, 0900/1000, 1100,1200, 2400), Snap rings (2400, 3200, 7993, 7993A, 73130)

A & OE


Grade 420 Stainless Steel - other material available


Metric & Imperial: Kits & Top-up Bags available


DIN471; DIN472; DIN988; BS3673 Pt 1,2,3,4,Abridged ; MIL-R-21248/MS16625 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16624, DIN471 Table 2 Heavy Duty ; MIL-R-21248/MS3217 ; DIN6799 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16633 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16634 ; MIL-R-21248/MS3215 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16632 ; DIN984 ; DIN983 ; DIN5417

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