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Type B Oil Seal

Type B Oil Seal Supplier UK. Manufacturer Codes: R4, BB, B1, 11P, CRW1, SB, WB, SRB, 822N, DF

The Type B Oil Seal is often specified when a more positive housing fit is required. Particularly with heavy machinery where vibration and movement could be a consideration. No other form of housing retention is required, but use with high temperature aluminium housings should be avoided in case thermal expansion differentials could be a problem.

Metal O.D., sprung single lip type shaft seal.

Type B Oil Seal

SIZE RANGE: Shaft dias. .25” to 13.0” imp. range. 4mm to 480mm metric range
PRESSURE RATING: 10 p.s.i. (0,7 Bar) max.
SHAFT SPEED: 3600 ft/min. (20m/sec)
MATERIALS AVAILABLE: Nitrile (NBR), Viton® (FKM/FPM), Polyacrylic (ACM), Silicone (VMQ)

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