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WRc / WRAS O Rings

WRc / WRAS O Rings for the Water and Gas industry

M Barnwell Services, a UK leading supplier of Fluid Sealing Solutions, presents an extensive selection of WRc / WRAS-compliant O Rings. Engineered for potable water,  these O Rings excel against weathering, ozone, aging, and chemicals.

Our compliant rubber O Rings, feature standard dual-side impressions or plate finish upon request.


Elastomer sealing materials approved for UK drinking water applications must meet BS 6920 standards by WRAS. WRAS approval covers non-metallic components, like rubber sheets and O Rings, which are tested to ensure they don’t contaminate water. This approval confirms compliance with regulations for materials in contact with domestic or food production water.

The BS 6920:2014 standard evaluates non-metallic materials’ impact on:

  • Water quality: A change in appearance, odour, or flavour.
  • Harmful substance leaching.
  • Promote microbial growth.

Renowned for top-notch products, unparalleled service, and technical backing, we’re compliant with WRC / WRAS (BS6920), NSF, DGS / ACS, EN681-1, EN682, KTW / DVGW / W534 / W270, and KIWA standards.

In stock is the BS1806 Imperial Range (BS005 to BS245) with a Black Nitrile (NBR) 70 Shore material, compound reference MBMS0003. This compound holds WRc, KTW, ACS, and NSF61 water accreditations.

To view more of our WRAS-approved materials, visit our Approved Materials page.

Other popular products for the Water & Gas industry include:

If you would like more information about our range of WRc / WRAS O Rings, download our catalogue, or contact a member of the team.


WRc / WRAS approved O-Rings sizes available from microminiature.

We have a large selection of approved WRc WRAS O-Rings in stock at our branches in Birmingham, Scotland, Dartford, Bristol, and Manchester. However (depending on conditions) if we do not have your item in stock there is a short lead time in supplying your request. Contact the team today for more information.


Nitrile (NBR), Viton® (FKM/FPM), Ethylene Propylene Diene Rubber (EPDM), Silicone (MVQ)

Temperature range circa -15°C to 100°C

WRc / WRAS approved O-Ring SHORE HARDNESS – 70 to 75 Shore.

Our WRc WRASO-Rings are available in a wide range of colours including white, light grey, dark grey, red, blue, yellow, light green, dark green. Others available upon request.


WRc / WRAS as standard but we can also have compounds that meet other Water & Gas industry specifications such as ACS, DVGW, EN 549, EN 681-1, KIWA, KTW, and NSF 61.


O-Ring Kits - For O-Ring Kits, O-Ring Splicing Kits, O-Ring Gauges, and Lube. For more information on these and our extensive range of other kits, please visit our kits Section.


Chemical Processing, Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication, Pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas Recovery and Aerospace

Associated Products

O Ring Ancillary products - we also stock Quad Rings / Nu-lip Rings, O Ring Cord (extruded), Sheeting and Tubing, Anti-extrusion Rings, Adhesives and our new O Ring material tester.


For detailed technical information about our WRc / WRAS approved O Rings download the brochure below, visit our Technical Support page or contact a member of the team today.