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New Generation SKF Speedi Sleeve From M Barnwell Services

A New Generation Of SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE Available From Stock

As a SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE supplier M Barnwell Services can provide a wide range of SKF Shaft Wear Sleeves from stock or with industry-leading lead times. This superior branded Shaft Wear Sleeve is the quickest and most efficient way to repair worn or damaged shafts. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can help you choose the right sealing solution for your application.

To order or enquire, contact the team today (+44(0)121 429 8011). We also supply a range of standard heavy duty Shaft Repair Kits.

Enhanced sealing system solution from SKF and M Barnwell Services

To seal effectively, radial shaft seals must run against a smooth, round counterface. If the counterface becomes worn, the seal will no longer be able to fulfil its function, which is to retain lubricant and to exclude contaminants. Typically, the counterface becomes scored when a contaminant particle is caught under the sealing lip and abrades a track as the shaft rotates. As this continues, the seal will enable more particles to pass or get stuck eventually leading to malfunction of the component that the sealing system is meant to protect.

A simple seal replacement will not be sufficient and to repair the shaft, it is usually necessary to disassemble the machine to be able to grind down the counterface until it is within specification again. Otherwise, the sealing system will not function properly.

The SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE is a well-proven solution to overcome problems with worn shafts, without having to disassemble the shaft or specifying a new size of the replacement seal, while offering an excellent sealing surface.

skf speedi sleeve gold


The new generation of SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE combines a proprietary stainless-steel material and manufacturing process, resulting in an optimised seal counterface surface that minimises wear on both the sleeve and sealing lip. The proprietary material provides increased strength and excellent ductility properties of the SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE. Imperceptible lubricant pockets enable the lubricant to reside on the sleeve and thereby prevent dry running of the sealing lip that otherwise can create excessive wear. The SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE are thin-walled [0,28 mm (0.011 in.) and the contact surface is wear-resistant and manufactured to minimise directionality (0° ±0,05), with a finish of Ra 0,25 to 0,5μm (10 to 20). This is, in fact, a better counterface than can often be achieved on a shaft.

SKF Speedi Sleeve Gold

The preferred choice for heavy-duty applications

The new generation of Sleeve is also available in the Gold version, designed for highly abrasive applications. A thin, metallic coating applied to the base stainless steel imparts a gold colour and significantly increases durability. This Gold Sleeve is particularly effective in environments where there are abrasive contaminants, especially when combined with a seal manufactured from the SKF fluoro rubber material SKF Duralife. This sealing system solution lasted 2 500 hours in a contamination test. The installation procedure is common to both SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE designs and the original seal size can still be used.

The Gold coloured metallic coating significantly:

  • Increases durability and surface hardness (80-85 HRC)
  • Extends seal life
  • Improves resistance to abrasive wear

SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE on shaft with seals

Test results

The Gold Sleeve has been thoroughly tested to establish its level of abrasion resistance in severely contaminated environments using both coarse and fine sand.

Under these conditions, seals on shafts without the Gold Sleeve protection started to leak after 450 hours on average. Seals on SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE Gold ran for an average of 2,500 hours.

There are over 270 different sizes available. For more information, to buy and instructions on how to install (Guidance) the SKF SPEEDI SLEEVE contact the team today.

For more information on our range of Shaft Repair Kits click here or download the Brochure Shaft Repair Kit Catalogue.

skf speedi sleeve box

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