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Upstream sector of Gas & Oil industry

Upstream Oil & Gas

The Upstream Oil & Gas (exploration and production E&P) division represents uncovering of new origins of underwater or underground gas and oil fields.

Pursuing the primary prospecting and surveying for new fields, a broad scope of machinery is needed in the construction and drilling of wells and the extraction of produced liquids. Seals are crucial to the performance of the machinery and operations.

Upstream Oil & Gas

M Barnwell Services evolves high quality sealing compounds to guard your upstream machinery from unplanned downtime. Furthermore, our advanced materials enhance reliability and performance. They also provide service life anticipated beyond 25 years – even in the extreme pressures and temperatures associated with upstream applications.

Special Upstream Oil & Gas elastomer compounds

Our custom-designed elastomers are made to fit any hardware or installation requirements. Consequently, guarding against Sour Gas (H2S), explosive decompression and the aggressive chemicals associated with oilfield media. Furthermore, it protects against chemicals used to aid extraction of generated liquids via extension operations.

Our high-quality seals have been particularly designed to give excellent sealing solutions to the upstream division. Many of M Barnwell Services’ Oil and Gas seal material grades have been approved by international standards. They include NACE, ISO 10423, API 6A/6D, NORSOK, TOTAL, and ISO 23936-2.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Popular & custom-made seals for upstream Oil & Gas equipment

Utility Systems, Reciprocating Compressors, Subsea Manifolds, Reservoir Wellheads, Drill Bits, Subsea Trees, Actuators, Swivels, Pipeline Connectors, Production Safety Valves, Gas Turbines, Centrifugal Compressors, Filters, Valves, LWD’s, Separation Equipment, Completion Tools, Subsea Mooring, Rise Connectors, Connectors, Choke Valves, Heating Systems, Pumps and ESPs

Technical Support & Advice

We offer a reliable sealing consultancy services to an extensive range of upstream and incorporated companies globally, ensuring efficiency and safety of operations.

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