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Sanitary Sealing Solutions for Sterilization Processes (UV, CIP and SIP)

Withstanding severe cleaning regimes… The Food and Beverage industries are progressively pressured by clients requesting a cutback in chemical additions and preservatives, which results in a larger chance of bacteria build up on sanitary equipment. Standard sterilization systems used by food and beverage manufacturers contain steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP). Yet, a progressively adjusted and safety-conscious market has seen ever […]

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Why Do O Rings Fail?

O Ring Failure Guide O Ring failure often occurs too soon in applications due to inadequate gland design or compound choice. This article will explain why O Rings fail by supplying examples of general damage modes. In order to improve seal execution, it is necessary to correctly and effectively identify the damage mode. No matter how careful we are during […]

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Encapsulated O Ring Advantages

encapsulated o rings advantages

Encapsulated O Ring Advantages & Disadvantages Encapsulated O Ring Advantages. The following article outlines some of the benefits of using Encapsulated O Rings. What is an Encapsulated O Ring? An encapsulated O Ring consists of an elastomer stimulating core (Fluorocarbon – Viton® / FPM / Silicone), which has a seamless shield made from FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) or PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy – copolymer), […]

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FDA Rubber Materials

Selecting The Best FDA Rubber Material The following article provides an overview of all M Barnwell Services popular FDA Rubber Compounds: Fluorocarbon (Viton®/FKM) For high-temperature and chemical resistance. It’s transparent underwater but does not absorb it. Working temperature scope is measured to be between -10°C and +200°C. These O Rings are used in mechanical devices demanding optimum resistance to high […]

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Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Fluid Sealing Products & Services Trade Shows M Barnwell Services will be attending the following fluid sealing trade shows. Click on each one for more information. November 2017 Name: Agritechnica Date: 12-18 Nov 2017 Industry: Agriculture Location: Hannover Germany Website: Name: Semicon Europa Date: 14-17 Nov 2017 Industry: Microelectronics Location: Munich Germany Website: Name: PHEX Date: 15 – 16 Nov 2017 Industry: Plumbing & Heating […]

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Exciting New Opportunities

Come and work with a winning team! Join the UK’s leading independent fluid sealing supplier and be part of a winning team. We currently have vacancies at our HQ in Birmingham and at our Bristol Branch in Avonmouth. They are: These include: Export Sales Coordinator / Clerk / Administrator – Birmingham HQ Purchasing Administrator / Assistant – Birmingham HQ Sales […]

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What is a Polymer?

Polymer Chain

What is a Polymer? In Michael M. Coleman and  Paul C. Painter’s book, Fundamentals of Polymer Science: An Introductory Text, they described a Polymer as a large molecule, or macromolecule, composed of many repeated subunits. Polymer actually means “many-parts” (poly-, “many” + -mer, “parts”) in Greek. It can be both synthetic and natural. Natural Polymers Synthetic Man Made Polymers Rubbers […]

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BONDLOC Channel Partnership

M Barnwell Services Seal Partnership With BONDLOC UK Ltd M Barnwell Services, the UK’s leading manufacturer, stockist and distributor of fluid sealing products and services are pleased to announce a new partnership with Bondloc UK Ltd. Bondloc UK Ltd is a UK manufacturer of industrial adhesives and sealants, offering high quality and performance. M Barnwell Services is known for its outstanding […]

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Archery Bow O Rings

Archery Bows To Contain Barnwell Nitrile (NBR) O Rings M Barnwell Services, the UK’s number one distributor, manufacturer and stockist of fluid seal products, has announced a partnership that will see Barnwell Nitrile (NBR) O Rings to feature on Archery Bows. M Barnwell Services has already secured long-term contracts with other Olympic sports, including Shooting, but this partnership will see the […]

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NES 337 O Rings

NES 337

NES 337 O Rings : Defence Standard for Naval Ships & Submarines M Barnwell Services NES 337 O Rings are MOD approved to Defence Standard 02-337. These are used on UK Ministry of Defence Surface Ships and Submarines and their associated systems and equipment. Applications include hydraulics, lubrication systems, fuel systems and pneumatics. M Barnwell Services provides a complete range […]

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