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O Rings Scotland

O Rings Scotland: M Barnwell Services Scottish Branch Specialize in Supplying O Rings, including Nitrile (NBR), Vition (FKM), Silicone (VMQ), FFKM and many more.

Branch Manager Minnie Appleton and her team are O Ring specialist, with the technical and commercial expertise to solve the most complex of sealing problems. They are the one stop shop for O Rings Scotland.

M Barnwell Services Scottish offices and Trade Counter can be found:

M Barnwell Services
Oil Seals Scotland
14-16 Murray Place
Righead Industrial Estate

With over 40 years of experience, they can develop, manufacture and supply all types of O Ring materials including Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), Nitrile (NBR), Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR), Viton® (FKM/FPM)Viton® A, Viton® B, Viton® GF, Viton® GLT, Viton® GFLT, Viton® ETPEthylene Propylene (EPDM) and Silicone (VMQ).

Standards Include:

British Imperial (BS1806) and Metric (BS4518). European Metric (ISO 3601), including German (DIN 3771), Swedish (SMS 1586/1588) and French (NFT 47 501). American (SAE, AMS, AS568) and Japanese Metric (JISB 2401).

Approvals Include:

WRC, WRAS, FDA, DVGW, KTW, BGVV, KIWA, USP Class VI, NSF, ACS, EU2002/72, EN681-1, EN549, 3A Sanitary, NORSOK and EN682

For everything O Rings Scotland they invite you to give them a contact them today!

M Barnwell Services are the UK’s leading specialist in Fluid Sealing Products. They can also offer a full range of Oil Seals, Radial Seals, Rotary Shaft Seals, Shaft Repair Kits, Mechanical Seals, Gaskets and Packings, Hydraulic Seal, Pneumatic Seals, and Bonded Seals.

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O Rings Scotland