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Fluid sealing products for the Technology industry

M Barnwell Services work with design engineers and scientists in order to supply products that can meet the demands of applications that are often operating in challenging environments. We specialise in products used in the Semiconductor industry.

The applications often require sealing products made of high-performance compounds. We have available a comprehensive range of specially developed high-performance compounds for use in critical semiconductor environments. These materials are able to withstand temperatures up to 327°C (621°F) in aggressive media, whilst providing benefits such as extended maintenance cycles, reduced particle generation, and lower chamber leakage rates.

One of the latest developments in materials is the Kimura high purity range of performance elastomers that utilize a controlled molecular architecture which provides a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, eliminating the need for fillers of any kind.

Located at our HQ in Birmingham the European Standard Class 7 of ISO14644-1 is equivalent to AFS (American Federal Standard) 209E Clean Room.

Popular products supplied include:

We can also provide onsite consultation, sample identification and technical support for your requirements.

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