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Inflatable Seals

UK Manufactured Inflatable Seals

M Barnwell Services provides Inflatable Seals that are suitable in all markets for composite tooling, movement control, sealing and leak testing.

These custom made seals are manufactured in the UK from a diverse range of materials including Silicone (VMQ), low out-gassing Viton™ (FKM), and Ethylene Propylene EPDM. For the Pharmaceutical and Food industries will also supply a range of specialist Inflatable Seals in FDA approved compounds.


Why choose an M Barnwell Services Inflatable Seal:

  • Vulcanised with parent material ensuring the best join available
  • Our manufacturer partners highly experienced Engineering and Production team are able to assist with developing the best solution to meet your application
  • Reduce costs and downtime with the patented membrane technology
  • All seals are extruded in-house which ensures full dimension control
  • Wide range of high-quality Western sourced materials
  • Compressor and pressure control devises are also available

M Barnwell Services takes a proactive approach to develop specific solutions for all customers. As the UK’s leading manufacturer, stockist and distributor of fluid sealing products we have built a reputation as the industry specialist. Available to consult onsite we can offer low to high to extreme volumes and have become the go-to supplier for highly detailed and complex profiles.

The range of Inflatable rubber seals is the ideal choice for applications where you require a powerful, clean seal to protect from dust, moisture and contamination. When positioned each profile will expand when inflated.

If you would like more information about our range, contact a member of the team.