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Medical O Rings

Approved Medical O Rings For Healthcare Applications

M Barnwell Services is one of the UK’s leading manufacturer, stockist and distributor of Medical O Rings. Available in a variety of materials including FFKM, FKM, EPDM and Silicone, these medical-grade elastomers are used by large OEM’s in a variety of life science applications.

Our experienced team will guide all aspects of production, including prototyping, testing, and final part manufacture as well as issuing of BS EN ISO 10204 certification when available.

Selected materials have passed or are approved toUSP Class VI <87>USP Class VI <88>USP <381> Type I, ISO-10993 and FDA grades as well as being ADI Free and available in Metal / X-Ray Detectable. In order to ensure cleanliness in the production process, some materials are manufactured and packed in a Class 10,000 Clean Room.

The range of Medical O Rings are a cost-effective solution and perform in the most demanding environments. General applications for Medical grade O Rings include breathing and respiratory equipment, and any devices that contain valves, pumps, cylinders, fluid transfer and connectors.

Popular Medical O Ring Elastomers include:

Medical O Rings

Another manufacturing process is to have the Medical O Rings Oxygen Cleaned. Oxygen Cleaning is a method that helps remove a variety of contaminants from components that are intended for use with either liquid or gaseous oxygen.

We also have a specific range of specialist FFKM O Rings to suit the Pharmaceutical and bio-analytical industries. Alternatives also available – click here to view.

To find out more about how M Barnwell Services can assist with your medical device sealing needs, please contact our specialist team or visit the FDA and Pharmaceutical industry pages.

Visit the Medical Grade Seals product page for more information about our healthcare range.