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PS Seals

PS Seals® From Garlock

M Barnwell Services is proud to introduce Garlock’s PS Seal® to our range of PTFE Shaft Seals.

Garlock’s PS Seal® is a high-performance dynamic Lip Seal for rotating equipment used in Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage applications. The PS Seal® provides exceptional contamination resistance and lubricant retention in applications that require high surface speeds and pressure extremes (Mixers, Homogenizers, Conches, Mills, Agitators, Grinders, Dryers and Blenders). In these applications, the consequences of seal failure usually exceed the cost of the seal itself making the selection of a high-quality solution all the more important.

Compliant with all the major industry standards (FDA, USP Class VI, EC1935.2004, ATEX) the PS Seal® provides uncompromising sealing performance to ensure process material safety and integrity.

PS Seal

The standard PS Seal® uses GYLON® modified PTFE with a sealing lip which results in performance and durability characteristics far beyond that of the traditional spring-loaded rubber designs. The high-performance GYLON® material also resists aggressive media, abrasive media and high temperatures allowing it to maintain a seal in extreme rotational speed and pressure conditions.

The precision-engineered stainless steel outer case ensures extremely tight tolerances or exceptional consistency and reliability. Every PS Seal® is Lazer etched providing the option for traceability for components used in hygienic processing applications. The PS Seal® also features a modular construction approach that enables customers to choose a range of case and sealing lip materials designs.

For demanding Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage processing applications the PS Seal® increases equipment uptime, reduces maintenance, and ensures the ultimate standards in process medium and equipment safety.

If you would like more information about this range, contact a member of the team. An overview video can also be found here. Some applications will require Special or Non-Standard PS Seals®. A guide to these is found here.


Useab​le under high pressure and in extreme vacuum
Very suitable for high circumferential speed
Temperature resistant from -130°F (-90°C) up to +500°F (260°C)
Excellent chemical resistance
Useable in food and pharma applications (FDA)
EC 1935/2004 certificate
SIP/CIP compatible
Good to excellent dry running capability
Wear-resistant and low friction
Pressures up to 362.6 psi (25 bar)
Material Options: GYLON® Black (Graphite), GYLON® White (Barium Sulphate), GYLON® Blue (Gasmicrosphere), F (Econol), MS (Molybdenum Sulphide), and KF (Carbon Fiber).


PS-SEAL Standard® is a Garlock shaft seal consisting of a stainless steel (1.4571) case, a GYLON® BLACK seal lip and a static sealing element made of FKM.


Garlock PS-SEAL® Non-Standard are shaft seals in standard sizes with different configurations of both seal lips and lip seal materials. If your application demands a shaft seal different from the PS-SEAL® Standard version we will manufacture a shaft seal appropriate to your needs. The PS-SEAL® Non-Standard offers an economic way of producing special configurations, as it is based on the standard version. Both the lip material and its configuration can be varied. Even the case can be adjusted within technical limitation.

If this is not fulfilling your needs, we also manufacture a custom-made PS-SEAL® based on your drawings/designs.


Due to the complex application of high performance seals, PS-SEAL® Standard and PS-SEAL® Non-Standard may not always provide the best solution for application-specific needs. That is why Garlock offers other sealing options with single and multiple lip assemblies. As far as practicable these seals are standardized to supply our customers with cost-efficient special solutions.

We recommend consulting our specialists for the usage of these PS-SEAL® configuration options. PS-SEAL® Special is available in many different lip and housing materials.