Delivering Fluid Sealing Solutions Since 1972


Fluid sealing products for the Agricultural industry

M Barnwell Services has established a considerable range of bespoke Agricultural Seals, components, kits and associated products for a wide range of agricultural applications, for many of the worlds leading tractor and earth moving equipment manufacturers.

We have long-standing partnerships that have been built on our ability to provide products and services of the very highest quality and outstanding on-time delivery performance.

We specialize in producing Agricultural Kits and are able to supply customers with a complete service; product sourcing, bulk storage, assembly, packaging and branding in their own image.

We can also supply fluid sealing parts for the older commercial and agricultural vehicles. Click here to view some of our surplus stock/heritage parts / past parts catalogue.

Popular products supplied include:

Specific application products include: Cab / Door Seals, Rear PTO Seals, Window Seals, Hydraulic Seal Kits, Fuel System Seals, Gear & Syncro Seals, Rear Axle Seal, Heater Hose, Water Hose, Water Pump Seals, Fuel System Pipe & Seals, Hub Seal, Steering Bushes, Hydraulic Seals, Front Axle Seal, Oil Pan Gasket, Crankshaft Seals, Valve Stem Seal, Cylinder Head Gaskets, Engine Gaskets, Thermostat Gasket, Steering Bushes, Assorted Clips, Bolts, O Rings & Clamps.

We can also provide onsite consultation, sample identification and technical support for your requirements.

Contact us for more information on our range of Agricultural Seals or request a quote.