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Pigging System Seals

Pipeline Pigging System Seals

M Barnwell Services is a specialist in Hygienic Seals and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Oil and Gas seals suitable for Upstream, Midstream and Downstream applications.

We recognise the many challenges arising from Pipeline Pigging Systems and believe that replacement seals should not be one of them. We offer a comprehensive range of replacement Pipeline Pigging System Seals available in many different sizes and materials.

As an additional service, we can also hold stock to help you ensure quick repairs and minimalize downtime.

Pipeline Pigging System Seals are available for Utility PIGS, Inspection PIGS, Speciality PIGS and Gel PIGS. For specific Hygienic applications, FDA metal/x-ray detectable seals are available – Full documentation provided.

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Pipeline Pigging System Seals

What is a Pipeline Pigging System?

Used to perform maintenance in industrial pipelines these mechanical devices are known as ‘pigs’. The pigs move along the pipeline scrapping, sweeping or scrubbing the insides to make them clean. Hygienic applications also use Pipeline Pigging Systems.

They are a necessity as they remove debris from the pipeline allowing for a smooth flow of product.

Why it is called ‘Pipeline Pigging’ is not fully know but it is believed that the term PIG is an abbreviation for either Pipeline Inspection Gauge or Pipeline Intervention Gadget.

For further detailed information visit the What is Pigging page.

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