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Polyurethane O Rings (AU/EU)

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M Barnwell Services supply and manufacture a wide range of Polyurethane O Rings (AU) that offer a very high level of tensile strength.

They are available in Metric and Imperial, custom sizes, and in a wide range of colours.

Polyurethane O Rings are evidently growing to be increasingly more commonly used as a sealing material. They present a remarkably high resistance to abrasion and extrusion, as well as ozone, oxygen, and ageing. They can be used with a variety of mineral oils and greases, non-flammable fluids (HFA and HFB), water and pure aliphatic hydrocarbons. They are most suited where O Rings are exposed to dynamic loads, this includes Pneumatic and Hydraulic installations and a wide range of different critical media. Therefore, Polyurethane O Rings are ideal for industries such as

Petrochemical, Marine, Offshore Drilling, Agriculture, Earth Moving & Construction, and Automotive where hydraulic applications have abrasive contaminations or high shock loads.

Quite frequently Polyurethane O Rings are used instead of Nitrile (NBR) O Rings due to their high tensile strength. In certain applications (such as couplings or plug connectors), where frequent opening and closing is required or where bores have to be crossed, Polyurethane O Rings are more adequate than other sealing materials because of their remarkably high resistance to abrasion.

In pneumatic applications where low friction and low compression set are fundamental, Polyurethane O Ring in 70 Shore Hardness material can be used.

They can withstand temperatures of between -15° and +85°C (intermittent/compound-specific between -50°C and +100°C).

Polyurethane compounds are not resistant to esters, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, concentrated lyes and acids.

Polyurethane O Rings

Advantages of Polyurethane material:

  • Outstanding mechanical properties, which advance service life
  • High resistance to abrasion and wear withstands aggressive operating environments
  • High resistance to extrusion enables increased stresses or extrusion gaps
  • Low friction lessens breakout forces on startup

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E & EO.


Standard O Ring sizes available from micro miniature.

Custom sizes upon request.

We have a selection of Polyurethane (PU) O Rings in stock at our Central Warehouse and many located around our branches in Scotland, Dartford, Bristol, and Manchester.

We can supply large quantities upon request.

Technical Data

Shore Hardness: 40 Shore A to 90 Shore A

Temperature Range: -15° and +85°C (intermittent/compound-specific between -50°C and +100°C).

Speed: Reciprocating up to 0.2m/s (0.65ft/s)

Working Pressure: Static - up to approximately 60 MPa (8,702psi); Dynamic - up to 25 MPa (3,626psi)

Media: Hydraulic fluids, Air, Mineral oil-based greases

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- High tensile strength
- Low compression set
- Great cold elasticity
- Persistent shear modulus (even at high temperatures)
- Weather and ageing resistance
- High moistening features
- Low gas permeability
- Good resistance to hydrolysis
- High resistance to tear propagation


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