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Sour Gas Resistant O Rings

Sour Gas Resistant O Rings: What is Sour Gas and which elastomers are resistant to it?

What is Sour Gas?

Sour gas is a gas stream that contains hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a poisonous gas found in oil and gas wells around the world. H2S is highly corrosive and will react with and degrade polymers including many types of elastomers. Elastomer seals such as O-rings, gaskets and custom molded parts for sour service require specialized materials and test information to ensure the seal will meet the service requirements.

Sour Gas Resistant


Sour Gas Resistant Testing

We have developed a number of Sour Gas Resistant elastomer materials for the oil, gas and chemical processing industries with third party testing to a number of international test standards and conditions.

Sour Gas Standards

Two of the most commonly used standards are as follows:

NORSOK M-710 and ISO 10423

We can provide all our customers with O Rings to these standards.

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