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Popular types of Oil & Gas Seals

Specialist Oil & Gas Seals – Available From Stock

M Barnwell Services has provided high-performance Oil & Gas seals, O Rings and custom-made elastomers for the Oil & Gas industry for over 50 years. Available in standard sizes from stock or custom cut, these Oil and Gas specific seals are offered in a range of materials, including silicone (VMQ)fluoroelastomer (FKM / Viton™)Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)EPDM, Extreme Materials and PTFE.

The elastomer grades are designed to ensure high sealing performance for systems operating in the most demanding applications. Available with short lead times, the experienced team will guide all aspects of production, including prototyping, testing, and final part manufacture.

Oil and Gas seals are resistant to:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Aggressive media
  • Sour Gas
  • Anti-explosive decompression (AED)
  • Rapid gas decompression (RGD)

We provide sealing solutions for the upstream, midstream and also downstream divisions of the worldwide Oil & Gas industry. For more detailed information visit the Oil and Gas industry page.

Types of Oil & Gas Seals

O Rings

Oil & Gas Seals

The UK’s largest independent stockist and distributor of O Rings with 50 million O Rings and Back-Up Rings in stock, we supply to over 5000 customers globally every month – quickly and reliably.

Depending on the application and compound many of our O Rings can conform to or are tested to specific grades. These include NACE TM0297, NACE TM0187, NORSOK M710, TOTAL GS PVV 142, ISO 23936-2, ISO 10423 API 6A, SHELL SPE 85/301, ISIR, and WRC / WRAS.

We also offer a comprehensive range of quality FEP/PFA Encapsulated Rubber Seals, O Ring Cord and Hot Vulcanised Seals.

Spring Energised Seals

Spring Seals offer a spring energized sealing solution for rotary, reciprocating and static mechanisms. Also, they provide an optimal capability at low and high stresses and serve a broad range of temperatures. They are, therefore, the seals of choice where standard products fail to supply the required dependability and strength. Additionally, Spring Seals are manufactured in numerous standards (BS458 and BS1806) or non-conventional sizes. It allows them to be reformed into current O Ring grooves.

Oil & Gas Seals

Spring Seals are also known as T Seals and S Seals. They contain a high modulus rubber and two incorporated anti-extrusion springs.

Used to efficiently seal systems that are exposed to:

  • Large clearance gap
  • High stresses
  • A chemical attack by oilfield media
  • Remote hardware makeup
  • Restrained access to seal fitting

Steel Springs offer a superior permanence, nevertheless, PEEK springs are perfect for low-wear systems, in which metal-to-metal intercourse with the housing is a distress.

Energised Lip Seals

Another type of Oil & Gas seals is our range of Energised Lip Seals. They ensure a comprehensive sealing solution for uni-directional stress installations in either reciprocating dynamic or static applications. Energised Lip Seals can be used in both piston or rod grooves due to their symmetry in cross-section. In order to strengthen extrusion resistance, it is recommended to use Back-up Rings in conjunction with energized lip seals.

Oil & Gas Seals

Furthermore, they contain a high modulus rubber outer jacket and a low modulus rubber O Ring energizer. They can be used in low and high-stress installation due to the low modulus O Ring energizing the outer jacket under low-stress circumstances.

T Seals

T Seals ensure a superior sealing solution and can be tailored to adjust into current O Ring grooves (both rod and piston positions) or enhanced for particular installation demands. Therefore, it makes them perfect for reciprocating dynamic and static installations.

Oil & Gas Seals

The T Seal rubber T-shaped cross-section with two anti-extrusion rings on both sides. This, therefore, allows T Seal to be used in high-stress installations while still preserving high sealing effectiveness at low stresses.

Standard Materials and Standard Sized Products.

Gland Packing / Valve Stem Packing 

M Barnwell Services provides a vast range of Gland Packing (also known as Compression Packing and Valve Stem Packing) to some of the UK’s leading manufacturers. Their proven durability helps maintain safe processes and reduce downtime whilst also meeting fugitive emission limits.

Types of Gland / Compression / Valve Stem Packing we offer Carbon Packing, Graphite Packing, PTFE Packing, and Soot Blower Packing.


EnDura™ (Steam Resistant), Viton® (FKM/FPM), Viton® A, Viton® B, Viton® ETP, Viton® GF, Viton® GLT, Viton® GFLT, Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) – Perlast™, Perlast™ ICE, Simriz®, Kalrez®.


PEEK, Stainless Steel 316 or Inconel Alloy.

Exceptionally Durable Materials

Our expert selection of EnDura™ oilfield rubbers allows our engineering and material team to indicate an excellent result for the special requirements of your application.

Perlast™ ICE presents an exclusive mixture of superior chemical resilience and low-temperature performance. This Perfluoroelastomers (FFKM) material has been precisely designed to operate under intense circumstances, in temperatures as low as -46°C.

Certifications and Approvals

Many of M Barnwell Services rubber material grades have been approved by international standards such as TOTAL, NACE, NORSOK, ISO10423 (API 6A), ISO23936-2, GS PVV 142 03/01, SHELL SPE 85/301.

M Barnwell Services is the UK’s largest independent stockist, manufacture, and distributor of fluid sealing products and services. For more information about Barnwell O Rings, click here.

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