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Gylon Bio Line Gaskets

Proud distributor of Garlock’s GYLON BIO-Line® Aseptic Food Grade Gaskets

M Barnwell Services offer the full range of Garlock’s GYLON BIO-Line® Aseptic Food Grade Gaskets. These Aseptic seals are manufactured from GYLON BIO-Line® PTFE material which provides exceptional sealing performance for Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage processing processes and applications.

GYLON BIO-Line® is a restructured and modified PTFE composition and provides reliability and consistency in the most demanding environments. This includes exposure to low and high temperatures, fluctuating pressures, caustics, acids and sensitive media.

Where traditional elastomeric seals may extrude from their connection causing cleaning and sterilization concerns, Garlock’s GYLON BIO-Line® modified PTFE will remain flexible, tight and flush with the pipe bore, even under high loads.

The range of GYLON BIO-Line® Aseptic Food Grade Gaskets include:

  • GYLON BIO-ASEPT® FDA DIN 11853 and ISO 11864 PTFE Gasket
  • GYLON BIO-ASEPT® FDA DIN 11853 and ISO 11864 PTFE Gasket
  • GYLON BIO-LOK® Gaskets for Camlock couplings
  • GYLON BIO-ECO® – M1 / M2 collar DIN 11851 PTFE Gasket
  • GYLON BIO-PRO® Highly resistant hygienic gasket for TRI-CLAMP couplings
  • Garlock PRO-CLAMP Sanitary High-Pressure Clamps

Gylon Bio Line Gaskets

Advantages of the GYLON BIO-Line® range:

  • FDA compliant, KTW approved, USP Class VI, EN 1935/2004 approved
  • CIP and SIP resistant
  • Excellent under vibration and high temperatures
  • Remarkable chemical resistance
  • Lowers the risk of improper installation and downtime
  • Reduces stock
  • Will not crack under temperature
  • Stable dimensions

M Barnwell Services also stock a variety of Garlock products including their range of Compression / Gland Packing and the PS Seal®.

If you would like more information about our range, or to understand more about the product visit the Introduction to Bio Line page, or contact a member of the team.