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Temperature range of Viton™

Viton™ (FKM/FPM) temperature range

Fluoroelastomers are known for their excellent resistance to chemicals and temperatures. They have low compression set, resistance to ozone, very low gas permeability, are self-extinguishing and have remarkable ageing features. Viton™ has developed a significant eminence in the sealing industry due to its performance features.

Fluoroelastomers are highly fluorinated carbon-based rubbers that are used in installations to withstand severe chemical and ozone aggression. FKM O Rings are used in automotive, aircraft and other diverse appliances and installations that demand supreme resistance to high temperatures and to numerous liquids. They are also reluctant to high vacuum, silicone oils and greases, petrol, diesel fuels, aliphatic, mineral oils and greases, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Viton™ Fluoroelastomers are used in the following industries: Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Agricultural, Motor Sport, Petrochemical, Offshore Drilling, and Rail.


Temperature range of VitonTemperature range of Viton

Viton™ temperature range

The temperature range of Viton™ (FKM/FPM) is considered to be between -20°C and +205°C depending on the grade. It can take even higher or lower temperatures such as -30°C / -45°C and +230°C, but for short working periods.

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