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Upstream Gas & Oil Sealing Considerations

Upstream Gas & Oil Sealing Considerations (extraction and production)

Upstream Gas & Oil

The upstream section of the Gas & Oil industrial method is preoccupied with extraction and production of natural gas and raw oil. Installations in the upstream section are frequently placed in hard to reach spaces, from the Arctic to deep sea drilling platforms. Processing expenses are also particularly high. The crucial nature of upstream Gas & Oil installations has a substantial effect on the anticipations in regards to element execution and long-term credibility.

Whether for valves, pumps, ROVs or downhole accessories, the hazard of downtime as a consequence of collapsed sealing systems can never be fully excluded. But the hazard can be considerably lowered via the right choice of sealing profiles and materials. Deliberations, that should be made for upstream Gas & Oil installations in order to keep machinery functioning more productively for longer, are listed below:

Gas & Oil Elastomer Materials

If sealing in the roughest, most hostile environments in the world, an engineer must have full trust in their selection of elastomer materials. This is specifically the case in Gas & Oil industries and installations. That is where seal collapse can have catastrophic results for both worker safety and wide-scale environmental harm. Such critical upstream Gas & Oil installations demand truly remarkable elastomer materials.

The major risks to a sealing material in upstream Gas & Oil are focused on thermal and chemical degradation. Furthermore, there is two particular risks – sour gas (H2S) and explosive decompression (ED). Appropriate attention when choosing rubber grades, therefore, can guarantee top chemical reluctance to the excessive challenges the sealing system will confront. Guide to O Ring failure.

Exceptional Rubber Materials

No two upstream Gas & Oil installations are identical. This specialness of installations makes bespoke sealing solutions beneficial. M Barnwell Services provide an extensive level of assistance in all phases of the seal specification, design and also performance process.

We supply two special rubber materials, which are crucial elements of a successful upstream Gas & Oil sealing.

EnDura® – this sort of materials has been distinctly designed for subsea and downhole installations. Furthermore, it has been developed for remarkable reluctance for sour gas and explosive decompression.

Perlast® ICE – provides an exceptional chemical reluctance and low-temperature execution (sealing at temperatures as low as -46°C).

Gas & Oil Approvals

Autonomously certified Gas & Oil approvals remain so an engineer doesn’t have to take a seal producer’s word on the quality of an elastomer material. International standards certifying the quality of our seals includes:

  • ISO 10423 – reinforced by International Organisation for Standardisation
  • NACE – reinforced by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers
  • ISO 23936-2 – reinforced by the International Organisation for Standardisation
  • TOTAL – reinforced by one of the 7 ‘Supermajor’ oil companies worldwide
  • API 6A – reinforced by the American Petroleum Institute
  • NORSOK – reinforced by the Norwegian Petroleum Industry

FEA Simulation

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a method permitting sealing experts to foresee how sealing elements are prone to operate in real-world installations. In addition, this level of thorough examination comes into its own for particularly extreme installations such as those in upstream Gas & Oil sector.

FEA, therefore, would generally comprise simulations relating to:

  • Fluid/ mould flow
  • Fatigue
  • Mechanical vibration and pressure
  • Motion
  • Heat transfer

If you need any further information on FEA Analysis, click here.

Technical Assistance & Recommendations

When it comes to upstream Gas & Oil installations, risk-taking with your sealing assembly isn’t an option. Via a thorough consultancy service for all components of upstream seal stipulation including material choice & testing, analyses & tests, and post-assembly aftercare – you can concentrate on alleviating risk in different fields of the process.

Upstream Sector Elastomers from M Barnwell Services

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